i’ve been traveling to new places and old. this weekend i’m heading up to the mountains to give snowboarding a go and then it’s off to norway in march. today was spent catching up on emails, studying and such. this playlist was the perfect accompaniment.


combined with a walk in the snow, this song was the perfect accompaniment to monday. it’s sad and not for the rosy, but it’s real. i appreciated it even more after reading an interview with sufjan by pitchfork. (click here)

snow for days upon days here in colorado. i’m loving the frigid temps and whiteness around the city. today i drove past people cross-country skiing in a field and my heart ached a little for norway and the winters there. this weather calls for good company, food and music.

carter hulsey is a singer-songwriter from joplin, mo – my old stomping ground. he released his latest album, “drive out,” today and it is already #20 on itunes singer/songwriter chart! here’s a sweet sampling of his music, which i highly suggest buying.