music monday

i’ve been traveling to new places and old. this weekend i’m heading up to the mountains to give snowboarding a go and then it’s off to norway in march. today was spent catching up on emails, studying and such. this playlist was the perfect accompaniment.


combined with a walk in the snow, this song was the perfect accompaniment to monday. it’s sad and not for the rosy, but it’s real. i appreciated it even more after reading an interview with sufjan by pitchfork. (click here)

if you haven’t seen “the secret life of walter mitty,” check it out! the 2013 movie (first a short story by james thurber and a 1947 film starring danny kaye) filmed several scenes in northern europe and the soundtrack features several icelandic and swedish musicians. i’m a huge fan of jose gonzalez and now his band “junip” (featured in the film). here’s one of the songs from the movie.

there is an amazing little theatre in denver called “the mayan theatre.” it was built in 1930 and boasts incredible architecture, a bar and a small selection of documentaries and indie films. i saw the coen brothers’ “inside llewyn davis” there this past week and was mesmerized by the story and music. heartbreaking, honest and raw, the music sets the tone of the film, telling the story of a struggling folk musician in Greenwich Village in 1961. the film begins with llewyn davis (oscar isaac) playing “hang me, oh hang me” in a little dive bar. it was so mesmerizing that we were tempted to clap. the entire soundtrack is worth checking out.

denison witmer is part of the asthmatic kitty community, the label sufjan stevens started several years ago. this song is from his self-titled album and i love the easiness and honesty of the music and lyrics. asthmatic kitty wrote a beautiful article on the release of his latest project and the journey he has taken through his own music, a reminder of the importance of giving ourselves to the ebb and flow of life.