i’ve had a bit of wanderlust as of late and a desire for home. i haven’t lived in norway since 2011, but still consider it home to a large degree. certain images, songs and conversations remind me of a familiarity, which if i was honest with myself, probably isn’t all that familiar anymore. but it’s the beginning of the year and i’m planning for the coming months. i’m a planner by nature and am learning that despite my best planning and organization, really beautiful moments and people seem to enter when least expected. a trip to norway in the spring to visit friends who are having babies and getting hitched is in the works and simply planning for it feels familiar and calming.

i ran across this TEDtalk today and it is filled with all the goodness and oddities of norway. it is a reminder that planning is necessary, but taking time to enjoy the ride is just as important. kinda like home.

  1. Jae said:

    I watched it and it made me miss Norway. I even cried just a little. Thanks for showing this.

  2. Ragnhild said:

    i laughed so much! Thanks for sharing this 🙂 And cant wait

  3. Ragnhild said:

    oops… cant wait to see you!

  4. Kristin said:

    Yey.., and so glad and thankful that you will come over! 😉 #faithfulfriend

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