all about adventure.

a friend recently asked me to share on his podcast. the theme was “ADVENTURE.” i was pretty stoked to be asked and have never considered doing something like that. as i sat down at my computer at midnight one night, i realized it was impossible for me to just talk about adventure, but i needed to sit down and write out my thoughts. it’s been awhile since i’ve written with a specific topic in mind. my thoughts are usually a jumbled mess, but i was proud of what it came to be. it was a good reminder of what has happen the past 4 years. often i feel STUCK, but thinking through this theme reminded me that i have made really bold decisions and have essentially changed the course of my life these past years. so, sit down, relax and have a listen! (click on ADVENTURE below.)


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  1. Thank you for sharing Lyndee! Right now I am appreciating my little garden adventure, soaking up the sun on the balcony, but I also wish I could hop on a plane and go on a Colarodo adventure with you!

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