5 years time

there’s a noah and the whale song entitled “5 years time.” nothing profound in the lyrics, but it’s a catchy tune about a guy and a girl and how he feels about her and where they’ll be in 5 years.

the last few lines:

In 5 years time you might just prove me wrong
Oh, there will be love love love wherever you go

i received a little message from wordpress, congratulating me on my 5 year blogging anniversary with them, which got me reminiscing. this time 5 years ago i was still in norway with no plans of moving. today i live in a city i had never visited 5 years ago. colorado is where people vacationed, where our family vacationed. today i have a different job, my value and belief system has changed in varying degrees, i have a niece and a nephew, i’m thinking of going back to school. i’m living in the states! that alone still baffles me at times. i’m an adult now. not that i wasn’t 5 years ago, but time and circumstances has caused me to think differently, take advantage of the life i have and grow up. (but not too much)

someone recently posted a picture of me from high school. i can’t bring myself to post it here because let’s be honest – it wasn’t pretty. but it’s proof yet again, that life has the potential to get better. but it only gets better if i keep putting one foot in front of the other, following my instincts, trusting that i have everything i need right inside me. i can’t make the same mistakes i made 5 years, 10 years, 15 years ago. i am responsible for me – no one else. if nothing else, time has taught me that.

who knows where i will be in 5 years time? one foot in front of the other, a day at a time, trusting and choosing to love this life i’ve been given.


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