moving on.


i’m packing up and moving on and as a result, this little house is looking sad and barren. she’s served me well these past 2 1/2 years. i’ve written a little of the journey of finding this place (tears and long lost midwestern-ness were my saving grace) and my journey of beginning again. my roommate at the time and i scoured craigslist the weeks before moving to denver and ended up couch-surfing the first few weeks, being told that the wait for a three bedroom place was at least 3 months. we finally found this place, toured it, applied and were promptly rejected because of our incomes. i burst into tears on the phone, explaining to the landlord (an old man with an oxygen tank, also from kansas) that we were responsible and had money, even if our bank accounts didn’t reflect that. he called me back a few minutes later, saying that he liked us and we’d better not let him down. he’s still crotchety, but he likes us and we’ve proven ourselves.

the duplex on yarrow street has provided me a place to rest, figure out what it meant to live in the states again. i wanted it to be a place of peace and calm in the midst of a crazy, busy world and i think it’s been just that. i’ve continued my journey of creativity here, had a place for friends and family to visit. i love this house, even with the sketchy neighborhood, (3 standoffs/drug busts in a week is the record – so far.) drafty windows and old-house quirks. there’s dave, the next door neighbor (to whom i owe my second hand highs) who has lent his lawn mower, shoveled the driveway after a snow and cleared off our cars early in the morning. i love being independent, but it’s been reassuring to know there’s someone who could help out in a pinch. his phone number was an added bonus.

the transition back to the states, to a new place in particular, has been more difficult than i ever could have imagined. i still feel norwegian and have norwegian tendencies (candles at the table, shoes off at the door and coffee all day to name a few.) and have struggled to keep those tendencies alive. this home has helped. this house has held beautiful backyard bonfires, multiple brunches and parties. and now i’m moving. i’m just moving into the city, but it’s one more change. upon change, upon change. the last year has brought new roommates, changing relationships and jobs, not to mention internal changes and it seems like this is the perfect time to make a physical change.

so, thanks for being home, little duplex on yarrow street. you’ve served me well.

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