of people

IMG_2099more than anything, i believe this past year was defined by people – by those i chose to spend time with and those who wriggled their way into my life without me even knowing it. i spent the afternoon with a friend at a movie that left me questioning life and recent circumstances, the music full of the complexities of life and choices. we spent the remainder of the evening with another friend who recently returned after traveling for several weeks – eating, drinking and sharing life. 2013 was a hard year. really, really difficult – and not just for me, but for many. when january 1st came around, i breathed a sigh of relief. it was over, thank God. the past six months of the year were characterized by “yes.” and 2014 will continue to be a year of yes. more than anything, i’ve said yes to relationships. my instinct is to hide, cover up reality with a quiet smile and unassuming good girl image. over the past months, i’ve heard several people speak of the good girl image as a disease plaguing too many women. we do what we believe others expect from us, what we are told is routine and normal, all the while hiding our true selves. but i’ve said yes to many things – yes to being real and wearing my heart on my sleeve, yes to admitting when i just can’t handle life on my own and yes to people. lots of people – people who are similar and whose hearts beat for the same passions and those whose personalities are loud and boisterous and infectious with life – people who have qualities and character that i want. because we become that which surrounds us.

so last night i celebrated. i celebrated good people, honesty and life. we sat together drinking wine and i wept. i wept because life is good and i have good people with whom to share it.

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