stop shop redux

time to face the music and revisit the “stop shop” project. inspired by ragnhild, i adopted this lifestyle in january and almost 10 months into the project, i’m loving it. granted, my pinterest boards are filled with new, unused objects that i would love to have. my most recent obsession – a new sofa (gray wool with a long cushion, to be exact). sometimes i dream about owning furniture that no one else has owned. maybe one day… when i grow up.

rules to live by:

– i will buy no new clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. from 1. january 2013 till 1. january 2014.
– i can knit and sew/redesign clothes and buy used clothes.
– for every new thing i acquire, an old one will have to go. this rule is not just for clothes, but all new items that come through the door.
– items that are worn out/broken can be replaced if truly necessary (socks, kitchenware, etc.).
– gifts are exempt from the rules.

reasons for this project (update):

1. contentment – while some people are emotional eaters or drinkers, i realized i am an emotional shopper. case in point: after a bout with heartache, i went out and bought a pair of black (fake) leather pants. of course, those pants needed a top. and you know what, i didn’t think twice about the purchases. i wear the outfit and it is an instant pick-me-up – i’m totally fine with that.
moments of discontent come and go and if i give myself a bit of grace and a moment to take stock in my life, i realize i have everything i need. (i do recommend a pair of black leather pants if you’re feeling down though!)

2. creativity – i have slowly but surely worked through 3 bags of clothing that needed mending or redesigning. i’ve learned new sewing techniques in the process and love thinking through the potential of a piece of material. clothing aside, i’ve also begun crocheting, working on redesigning furniture, bought a sketchbook and have been writing more than usual. a large part of these creative endeavors is due to “the artist’s way” (more on that later) and being aware of using what i already have.

3. consumerism – i have given away a large bag of clothing and have sold 2 bags over the past few months. i love the feeling of ridding myself of clutter and unnecessary items! i have probably spent more time and money on food and travel, but it is a worthwhile trade. saving money has been much easier though. i find myself much more aware of the generosity of others and what it means to give something away – no strings attached.

i am a firm believer in stop shop and will continue using some of the guidelines in 2014. the plan is to finish strong in 2013 and look forward to the next year-long project!


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