foodie friday: chia pudding

-1we celebrated labor day this past monday and a friend and i began the day with an early morning workout at red rocks, complete with a sunrise and several deer sightings. we then made our way over to another friend’s for brunch. (side-note: i must admit, i had never had a breakfast burrito before that day. i was of the belief that burritos/tortillas were something to be eaten strictly for dinner, but i am now a breakfast burrito convert!) as we were making the burritos, i saw a jar on the counter quite similar to the one above. upon questioning, i found it to be chia pudding. i am a bagel or yogurt kind of gal, but chia pudding sounded interesting, so i gave it a go. it’s super easy to make and a nice breakfast alternative.

CHIA PUDDING (adapted from whole foods)

2/3 c. chia seeds

2 1/2 c. unsweetened almond milk (i will substitute coconut milk next time)

1/2 t. vanilla (or a squeeze of honey or agave syrup)

pour everything into a ball jar, shake it up and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight. (i let mine sit for almost two days, just to let it get to a pudding-like consistency) when you are ready to eat, stir, spoon into a bowl and add whatever you like: berries, bananas, granola, nuts, etc.

happy weekend!


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