ruby woo(ing) my way through summer

photo-9i made a pact this summer: say yes to pretty much anything and anyone that came my way (within reason, that is. i’ve still managed to ward off an old man at the coffee shop for the past several months. i always say yes to a free cup of coffee though!). some yeses resulted in stories not intended for public knowledge and other yeses were beautiful stories of new beginnings. a fair amount of messiness and goodness occurred because of those decisions so atypical of me.

i made this pact on a whim. i was tired of sitting around, waiting for something good to happen. i felt as though most of life was a struggle and i was only waiting for the next big tragedy to hit. it was tiring and depressing. by making this pact, i learned that saying “yes” is hard work. i didn’t have time to analyze and weigh pros and cons for each decision – i just had to go with the flow.

one of the first decisions i made was to be set up with a guy i had never met. i’d done this on a couple of different occasions and what disasters! but i said yes, and it quickly became a whirlwind, crazy, beautiful, heart-wrenching relationship.

enter ruby woo.

i was so very hurt and saddened by the end of the relationship, but i allowed myself to grieve and felt every emotion that appeared – and felt them strongly. i have incredible friends who bought me drinks, flowers and junk food, took me dancing, and let me cry without shame. after a morning spent with a couple of those friends, knowing i would soon step on a plane to meet the hurt again, i drove straight to MAC and was introduced to ruby woo. hello, bright red matte lipstick.

i’m a pretty simple girl, content to stand in the shadows. but it is near impossible to say yes while living in the shadows. i can’t hide behind ruby woo. hello lips i never knew i had! when i wear that lipstick, i am saying yes to continuing to say yes.

saying yes means shaking up the way i think and view life. it means stepping out of myself and inviting the unknown to present itself. saying yes insures that i will be hurt, but it also means that i will probably be okay. saying yes means there is hope. it means making mistakes, but not allowing those mistakes to rule my life. it means saying no to worry and fear. saying yes is traveling, meeting new people, not living with the status-quo and what is good enough for everyone else. it means i am not the center of my universe. it means being uncomfortable and vulnerable and fighting myself every step of the way.

it is saying yes to the power of ruby woo.

  1. Michael T said:

    so so good lyndee.
    Go ruby woo!!!

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