music monday: james vincent mcmorrow

i’m amazed at the power of social media – and not necessarily positively. so i have begun practicing “screen free sundays.” internet is accessible everywhere these days and i find myself not being present, wondering what’s going on out in the worldwide web, checking instagram, facebook, emails, etc several times a day – instead of being where i am. i genuinely need these communication avenues for work and staying in touch with friends and family around the world, but i tend to be quite wrapped up with them. i don’t want to be a person who can never focus on what or who is right in front of me, so i’ve decided to unplug one day a week. i can still text (which hasn’t been an issue), but no screens otherwise – ipad, computer, tv. yesterday i succeeded (almost) in this new endeavor. i ate a nice breakfast, did some writing, caught up with a friend, finished a book, took time to paint my nails, worked out – all before 3pm! i was so excited about my accomplishments that i allowed myself to watch a movie that evening. (“sometimes in april) i am a casebook multi-tasker, but i believe this little change in my week is going to teach me much about living in the present. have any of you practiced unplugging? any tips?


music monday: james vincent mcmorrow. this irish singer/songwriter’s voice is quite soothing and his music is comparable to bon iver. happy listening!


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