tornado alley

i grew up in tornado alley – “wizard of oz” and such. my parents did a great job of protecting us from the bigness and severity of tornadoes. to my sister and i, tornado warnings were a chance to eat ice cream and hang out in our neighbor’s basement. at times, we’d even pile in in my dad’s truck and drive around, looking for funnel clouds. it added a little excitement to our small-town lives.

that all changed almost 2 years ago. i was living in norway and had a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach all day, may 22. late that night, after tossing and turning in bed for several hours, i checked facebook and began seeing signs of the devastation a tornado left in joplin, mo. not only had joplin been my home for 4 years during college, it was also where my sister, her husband and my beautiful little niece were living. in the end, the tornado changed its course a block from their house, leaving them with only minor damage, but several friends lost their homes and loved ones. so, watching the devastation of the tornado in moore, oklahoma hit close to home. (literally and figuratively)

my friends at ART FEEDS (joplin, mo) know firsthand the devastation a tornado leaves behind. but they have also seen how a little creativity and love have the power to bring hope and restoration. they are striving to raise funds for each student who lost their school in moore – $12,560 for 1256 children. a donation of $10 will provide an art pack and superhero cape for one student. if you’d like to donate, click here. what a great time for people to come together.



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