stop shop update

month three of stop shop has commenced. honestly, i don’t think about it that much, but there are times when i would love to just go to a store and look around. i’m not that disciplined though. when i shop at target, i know i need to go straight to the food or toiletries – no wiggle room. after i started my new job, i did celebrate by going to goodwill where i bought a pair of jeans and two tops for $15. when i got home, i went straight to the closet and rid myself of three items. whew.

benefits thus far:
1. spending less money! my bank account has definitely benefited from this experiment. i put most of my purchases on two credit cards and pay both off every month. the last statement for one of the cards: $9.71. what a great feeling! i’m also finding that giving myself a cash allowance each month for coffee, eating out and entertainment and that has also allowed me to see just how much i spend.

2. i have so much more time for people. life has gotten busier, but since i don’t shop anymore, i have more time and money to spend on/with others. at least once a week i get together with a friend for coffee or drinks and i know that i have the money to do that. i’ve become much more aware of friendships and how important it is for my heart to make significant time for those relationships. i’d much rather invest in coffee and dinner with a friend than a brand new – something.

3. life has been busy as of late, but i am trying to have one creative project a week – whether it’s cooking something new, altering a piece of clothing or making something for the house. some weeks it happens, some weeks it doesn’t.

all that to say, 3 months in – it’s been totally worth it!


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