bread & wine

there are several books and authors who have been incredible guides and gurus to me over the years. i remember reading “the practice of the presence of God” by brother lawrence for the first time and wanting so badly to recognize God throughout the day – what a new concept at the time! rob bell taught me how to ask questions of Christianity and trust that God was big enough to withstand my doubts. anne lamott showed me how beautiful (and funny!) honesty and transparency can be. henri nouwen, c.s. lewis, madeleine l’engle, timothy keller – all of these people and their talents have been true companions. most recently though is shauna niequist. it’s no secret that this season in life has been incredibly difficult and i’ve not-so-gracefully made my way through it, stumbling along, trying to make sense of some pretty senseless events. but i’ve learned (am learning) to seek out beauty and joy in those times. shauna’s writing is honest, real, poignant – it is beauty. i found myself in much of her writing – different events, different people, but the same truths.

i received an advanced copy of her newest book “bread & wine” and am devouring it. each chapter is a little vignette from her life with a corresponding recipe, calling for community around the table, focusing on two of my favorite things: people and food.

this video is just a taste of what is to come…


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