music monday: sigur ros

in less than two months i will be on a plane to norway. i don’t think i can accurately describe how happy i am to be going back, even for just a visit. as much as i am becoming familiar with denver, i am that much more “home” in norway.

icelandair is offering up to a free 7 day layover in reykjavik when you with them. i am itching to add another stamp to my passport, so reykjavik it is for 2 days on my way back to the states. i am looking for places to stay, things to see and eat during my time there – suggestions are welcome! this outtake from the film “heima” by icelandic band sigur ros is the perfect accompaniment to my wanderlust.

  1. Matt said:

    Happy you get to go back to place that makes you happy! Also, I’ve been watching this video about once a week for a long, long time. So good.

  2. barbro said:

    You should take a swim in the blue lagoon! And if you are a fan of licoroce – taste the chocolate called draumur! Island is famous for mixing their sweet licorice in their chocolate. Enjoy your stay!

  3. lyndee said:

    thanks, barbro! i am definitely planning on making a trip to the blue lagoon and i’m a big fan of licorice, so i’ll definitely try it!

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