music monday: dancing style

let me preface this by saying that i am NOT a dancer. one of my roommates has a wii and several times during the week i will walk downstairs and happen upon a “just dance” competition. i decided to join last week. i did wonders for everyone else’s self-esteem. during one song, i thought i was winning, only to realize afterwards i was following the wrong person and after another song (in which i thought i did pretty okay) i watched the secret video footage only to realize three things: 1. there are reasons why sweatpants should never be worn in public.  2. my sweatpants, although baggy, look nothing like what a hiphop dancer would wear  3. my upper body and lower body have no idea what the other is doing – ever.

all that to say – i still love the idea of dancing! i will never be good at it and it takes a lot of alcohol to make me even want to consider dancing in public. but it’s an art form. and art can be appreciated on the sidelines.

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