a look inside my world.

week three of the aforementioned spending stop has commenced. it has honestly been much easier than i originally thought. pinterest is a killer though. on nights when i can’t sleep, pinterest is my go-to. after looking at what my friends have pinned, as well as blogs i follow, i’m convinced i will never look cute again and my house will just look poor (reminder – this is at 3.30 in the morning. the mind does crazy things at that time.). i have purposely not gone shopping, which has given me more time to read, be creative, see friends and (let’s be honest here) begin watching “alias” on netflix. after i made this “stop spending” decision, i realized that thrift stores are everywhere here, so i have to be careful. i love shopping – more to find inspiration or people watch than anything – but retail in general is designed to make us want more! that’s how it works. and on the basis of full disclosure, i did go to a local thrift store last saturday where everything was half price. i ended up buying a wool sweater, skirt, a party dress and fossil bag for a whopping $12. the moment i came home, i went straight to the closet and rid myself of 4 items and made the decision not thrift shop for quite some time.

all this to say, i can dress cute and my house will not look poor just because i am not buying STUFF. a student of my one of roommates came over for brunch last week and took pictures of our house, reminding me that we’re doing just fine – spending money or not – and i’m super thankful for what i have.

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  1. jeanie james said:

    I am so proud of you! It feels good to create something with your hands and you are very creative. You inspire me!

  2. Barbro said:

    From what I remember, you dressed cute every.single.day during my year in Skien, and I cannot imagine that ever coming to an end. You inspire me too, beautiful 🙂

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