beauty in simplicity.

inspired by ragnhild, it’s time for change. and what better time of year to begin than the new year? when i moved back to the states last year, my life consisted of 3 suitcases. that is not the case now. cleaning, shopping and moving stuff around to make room for new stuff takes time and money that could be better used elsewhere. 2013 is ushering in a stop of spending.


reasons for this project:

  1. contentment – this is a difficult lesson to learn, but one i’ve been reminded of over and over lately. i want to be content in every area of life – living here in denver, what i have, what i am doing and who i am doing it with. this doesn’t mean that i stop striving to learn and grow, but it simply means that i am going to live in gratitude for what i’ve been given. i so often see what i am lacking and perhaps a good way to change that mindset is to see what i already have.
  2. creativity – since i will not be buying new clothes, i will be forced to work with the ones i have and redesign thrifted garments. that means i will finally go thru the 3 bags of clothing sitting in my closet. hopefully this will improve my sewing skills and imagination!
  3. consumerism – i’m not a huge spender, but little unnecessary purchases add up. i would love to be more conscientious of what i buy and where i buy it from. plus, i would love to save up for a trip to norway and would love even more to give more money away. this is sure to help!

rules to live by: (adapted from ragnhild)

– i will buy no new clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. from 1. january 2013 till 1. january 2014.
– i can knit and sew/redesign clothes and buy used clothes.
– for every new thing i acquire, an old one will have to go. this rule is not just for clothes, but all new items that come through the door.
– items that are worn out/broken can be replaced if truly necessary (socks, kitchenware, etc.).
– gifts are exempt from the rules.
with that being said, here goes nothing! happy new year!
  1. Yay! Glad i could inspire you 🙂 The creativity point is a good one, i am sure i will finally finish some year-long projects too. And Im glad I have someone to share this challenge with. Good luck!!

  2. Congratulations on your no-buy rule! I’m coming close to my 1 year on the very same pledge, and it’s been actually easier than I thought it would be. I may never go back now.

    • lyndee said:

      Thanks! I’m excited about the possibilities and change that will come from this! It’s fun seeing how others are making this decision as well!

  3. Shirley Peterman said:

    Wow. What a challenge. I’m sure you will follow through and enjoy all the benefits of your decision. “Tis a gift to be simple”

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