foodie friday: cheesecake love.

last weekend i attempted to make a cheesecake. attempted being the key word. i’ve made several successful cheesecakes in the past (pumpkin and coconut cream), but thought it would be nice to make a classic cheesecake with a sauce. by the end of the night i was in tears, out of cream cheese and sugar, cursing martha stewart’s name and the cake ended up in the garbage. after a post-baking trip to the gym to run away my woes and another visit to the grocery store, i pulled myself up by the bootstraps and tried again. jamie oliver can do no wrong in my book and his classic cheesecake was a success.
paired with a port wine and blueberry sauce, it was a hit!


  1. Is this a baked cheesecake you were trying to make? I’ve put off an attempt to make a baked cheesecake because I’ve heard horror stories of how hard they are to make. Good to hear yours turned out OK – it gives me hope! I’m a big fan of the no-bake cheesecakes that you just chuck in the fridge to set (the method is easier than the baked ones).

    • lyndee said:

      i was originally trying to make a martha stewart cake (fail), but the jamie oliver recipe was much less work, fewer ingredients and turned out great. it had great texture and flavor. it’s worth trying!

      • Love Jamie Oliver! Will have to do some research and have a whirl at this recipe.

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