foodie friday: kale


i’m really not sure what to call this recipe, but kale is the main attraction here! kale has a ton of nutritional value: vitamins A, C and K, lots of fiber and other goodness. it’s mainly a winter food, but for a person who doesn’t often like to cook dinner, it’s a quick addition to anything.

Sauted Kale and Vegetables (2 portions)
4 c chopped kale
1 clove garlic, minced
1/2 red pepper, sliced
1/3 red onion, sliced
meat of your choice (or not)
1/8 c crumbled feta
pepper and salt to taste

heat 1 T of rap seed/sunflower oil in a large skillet. add onion, pepper, garlic, and meat (i used bratwurst, but i often forgo the meat) and saute until almost cooked all the way through on medium heat. while the vegetables and meat are cooking, rinse kale and chop. add to the skillet and season with pepper. (it might look like a lot, but it wilts) cover with a lid and let cook down for 4-5 minutes, stirring occasionally. adjust the cooking time according to how you like your kale – i usually turn off the heat after 5 minutes and let it rest for a minute or two.
sprinkle feta over and add salt if needed. enjoy!

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