foodie friday: denver biscuit co.


the weather in denver has been (from what i’ve heard) much hotter than usual –  high 90s and 100 degree temperatures. because the summers are usually milder, air conditioning in homes is a rarity – which means we are usually hibernating in the basement where it is a little cooler. that certainly means i’m not baking these days. turning on the oven is like living in a sauna for hours afterwards.

instead of baking today, a friend and i discovered the denver biscuit co. buttery, flaky, huge biscuits and toppings galore to choose from – this was the place to be on a warm friday morning. free refills of novo coffee were an added bonus. i like simplicity, so i topped my biscuit with scrambled eggs and ham, but the topping choices ranged from shrimp and grits to homemade apple butter. locally owned is the way to go! if you live in the area or are just passing through, it is worth a taste.

(check out ragnhild’s blog for a look into our time together in the states!)


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