run for your life.

i can’t tell you the number of people who are surprised when i tell them i recently ran a half-marathon. the surprised look is often followed by, “i didn’t think you were the running type.” sigh. yes, i’m short, i’m small and i don’t look like a runner. but i run.

while i was in kansas i ran a 5k (and was the overall women’s winner), but maybe more exciting than that was the drawing for an iPad after the race. the person who won it walked straight over to me and said he thought i would enjoy it more. happy birthday to me!

the next week my mom and i drove to indianapolis to run the indianapolis half-marathon (the biggest race of its type with 35,000 participants). i ran the race 8 years ago and swore that i would never run again. i was dehydrated during the race and stopped sweating at mile 7 and paid for it the next 2 days. but after 8 years, i thought it was time to try again. so i trained, tried to eat right and in the end i survived the race. my mom and i ran most of it together, serenaded by high school bands, the middle-age, slightly overweight belly dancers of metro indianapolis, cheerleaders and screamo bands, ran around the indianapolis speedway and made it to the end. i lost 2 toenails in the process, wanted to quit several times, but it was worth it. my time: 2:04:08. not my best, but for a short, non-running looking person, i think i did okay.


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