diy chair

living overseas, always uncertain of what the next year would hold, i was very careful how many possessions i owned. when i left norway this past summer, i had narrowed my life down to 3 suitcases. when i moved to colorado, that just didn’t cut it. and i am quickly learning that furnishing a house (rather than an apartment) is very time and money-consuming. it’s a good thing i’ve learned to be thrifty and shop second-hand!

thanks to goodwill, i bought this chair for $4. add 2 bottles of celery colored spray paint ($8) and a doily (.50) and you have an inexpensive place to rest your bum.



i simply cleaned off the chair with soap and water, used a glue stick to glue a paper doily to the center, gave it a couple coats of paint, took the doily off and here’s the finished product!

  1. Jae said:

    So good friend

  2. Meaghan said:

    Love the chair! Your thrift projects are always so inspiring. Nice work!!

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