death has a face.

last night (good friday) i attended a tenebrae service, held by several churches in the denver area. life has been so crazy with moving and transitioning that easter kind of snuck up on me. and in norway towns shut down for the major part of the week leading to easter, but here in america, no day is more sacred than the other.

as i sat through the tenebrae service, i kept thinking, “death has a face.” i’ve never thought of Jesus’ death in that way. but through the Scripture reading, the hymns and call and response, i realized that this year something is different. i have experienced death and separation and that makes the death of Jesus much more real and tangible.

“death in his grave” by john mark mcmillan has been heard several times over the past few weeks and it brings such hope.

On Friday a thief
On Sunday a King
Laid down in grief
But awoke with keys
Of Hell on that day
The first-born of the slain
The Man Jesus Christ
Laid death in his grave

i’m so thankful for the death of Jesus, that in His resurrection He brings redemption and that when He comes again, He will have laid death in His grave for the final time.

happy easter.


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