rental rehab

i’m a planner.

over the years the almost neurotic need to plan and organize every area of life (proof: my closet is color-coded – light to dark, short sleeves to long, skirts and then dresses – sleeveless, casual to formal) has definitely been tempered. and now, in some areas, i don’t even care.

proof: i moved to colorado without a job or a house and only the week before driving out here did i remember i needed a place to stay while apartment hunting. my future roommate and i have been scouring craigslist and various rental sites, but you never know what to expect until you see it in person. the past 2 days i’ve spent about 14 hours viewing apartments and now feel i have conquered the housing market in arvada. i don’t remember how this process works in the states and if we’re honest, the last apartment i rented was 10 years ago and i’m learning that it’s a whole different game now.

but we narrowed it down to a newly-renovated townhouse and a quaint duplex and are crossing our fingers that we end up with the place we’re meant to be, weeding out crazy landlords and nigerian scams in the process. but until an application is accepted, i am going relax and forgo all internet sites dealing with housing. consider it rental rehab, if you will.

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  1. And I get to visit you when you’re all moved in. Hurra. Good luck hunting.:)

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