foodie friday: berlinerboller

i’m soaking up my time in norway (which is flying by way too quickly, i might add). life these days is spent going from one cup of coffee to another, conversation to conversation, home to home – and i’m loving every moment. i’m acutely aware how wonderful my friends are and even now, i’m seeing and experiencing that in a different and larger perspective. i am crazy blessed.

several friends have opened their homes to me on this trip and this past week, as my friend janne and her family were away at work and preschool, i found myself alone in the house for a few hours. i realized this was one of the first times in months that i had been truly alone. and for an introvert like myself, i soaked it up. so i bought a sweet pastry, made a cup of coffee and read several chapters in a new book. after those few hours alone, i was ready for for the world again. here’s to the little things in life that bring heaps of joy.

sun, coffee and vanilla berlinerboller in greengate fashion

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  1. bellegroveatportconway said:

    I love this post! How it reminds us that being alone some times isn’t all that bad. Quiet, slow days, a sweet pastry, a cup of coffee and a good book can be your best defense against a world running out of control. I’m jealous.

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