thrift shop thursday

i woke up this morning at 5.30, ran a couple miles, showered, fixed breakfast (coffee, plain yogurt, granola, bananas, agave syrup), watched the today show and then headed out for what has become my weekly ritual: thursday thrifting.

when i came back to stay with my parents for awhile, i had to find something to fill my time and on thursdays that means thrifting. thrift shops are not in high demand in southeastern kansas, which means i don’t have to fight crowds and the prices are amazing. i’ve found that the best stores are held in churches. people take bags of their unwanted clothes and home wares to various churches around town and on thursday, several of them open shop and the proceeds go to missions. most of the patrons are older, retired or have lost their jobs. that calls for interesting conversations and a few awkward moments. i like!

for a whopping $7.85 today, i bought:
2 dresses, 2 skirts, a saltine tin, children’s book, 4 mason jars and 4 coffee cups

(a little sample of the goods!)

  1. I wish I was the one visiting you, haha…

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