happy 100th post to me!

it’s difficult to blog when internet is hard to come by. i may or may not be writing this post while sitting in my car, using starbucks wireless. and i’m not planning on getting out of my car. desperate times call for desperate measures.

speaking of sitting in my car… i just bought one! craigslist scares me and when i found a car on the website, i was a little apprehensive. but we drove 3 hours to kansas city to see it and drove it back that evening. i’ve never thought much about the world of used car dealers, but wow – if there isn’t a reality show about them, there certainly should be. i sent the dealer a few emails before we left and called a few times to ask questions and he either didn’t answer the questions or hung up on me mid-sentence. and when he met us in the lot, his breath and pores smelled like he’d shoved an empty bottle of tequila in his desk drawer before coming out. but i have a car and for that i am happy.

here she is in all her toyota corolla used car glory.

may you serve me well for many years.

(the customers and employees at starbucks are giving me strange looks, so i had best be on my way!)


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