’tis the season


the school i’m taking in denver is coming to an end. i’m thankful that i have had the freedom to set aside 3 months to be here, but i’m ready for whatever is next. each of the students had to give a speech on a topic of their choosing this week. i chose HOPE. i feel like this has been a theme in my life the past 3 years. you would think that 3 years would be enough time to solidify something in life, but hope is hard to come by at times.

i am reminded during this time of advent of the hope the Jews of the Old Testament had in the prophesied Saviour. their hope was base solely on the words of the prophets and it simply meant to wait. in the New Testament, as the believers had seen the coming of the Messiah, they eagerly anticipated His return. life is not easy – there is death, natural disasters, war, slavery and the list goes on. i’m so thankful the Saviour has come and has promised to come again. His promises never fail. that is reason enough to hope.


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