a little birthday love.

dear aisling,

i remember where i was when your mommy told me she was pregnant with you. i was sitting in the basement of a hostel in dublin, ireland (one of my favorite cities!) and we were skyping. i’ve always loved babies and to know that we were going to have a baby in our family was almost too good to be true. i remember skyping again with your mommy when she was in labor. she and daddy decided not to find out if they were having a boy or girl, but i think we were all secretly hoping you would be a girl. as your mommy was in labor, she showed me a picture of the latest ultrasound and as we looked at the picture, we both burst out laughing. your cheeks were so big and there was no more room for you to grow! we were very excited that you were a girl and when i saw your picture i thought, “she looks just like me!” that again was almost too good to be true.

i arranged my work schedule so i could spend a month in the states getting to know you and during that time i loved holding you and watching you and praying over you. you have a very special name, blessed aisling – a holy vision, highly favored, one who brings joy. that is you. i look forward to seeing you grow to love Jesus more and more.

this first year has been just that – a year of firsts – smiles, laughs, words, figuring out your personality. you are very funny and quite the charmer. once we went shopping and people actually stopped us on the street to kiss you. you love attention! you also love your time alone and know what you want.

your mommy and daddy love you very much and there are lots of other people who feel the same. i love you too. happy birthday!

auntie la la

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  1. Caleb says, “that is so sweet I almost peed on my face.” 🙂

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