back to my roots.

i think most children enjoy playing dress-up, but that was far too imaginative for me. i loved dressing up in my grandmother’s clothes (i still do!) and having my face painted, but dress-up was never the first on my list. in college i dressed up as a disco dancer (complete with a homemade afro) for halloween one year and was in a christmas musical where i wore a 1930s wedding dress. but that’s pretty much the extent of it… until this week.

our class is divided into small groups and this week each group dressed up and we all went bowling. the themes included sister wives, lots of pregnant women, a mariachi band, avatar and cowboys and indians. after a trip to a thrift store, lots of make-up and a little imagination, we were ready to go!

1 comment
  1. Jeanie James said:

    Don’t forget you once dressed as Raggedy Ann–and a sweaty one, at that!

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