change is comin’

it’s time for a change. i was inspired by ragnhild to change my layout. what do you think?

it’s been difficult to find time to blog, so i thought pictures would make it a bit easier.

before i left norway, i had a going-away party and was amazed by all the people who showed up. some friends even travelled from oslo just for a couple hours to say good-bye. i am blessed with incredible friends!

i spent the first 3 weeks in the states at my parent’s house. during that time i ran a lot, slept and spent time with this beautiful little girl. 

after 3 weeks in kansas, i packed up my car and headed west to… denver! this will be my resting place for another year while i continue to work with ywam. 

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leaving norway has been incredibly hard, but i am beginning to see why God has called me here. i love being close to the mountains, being in a city that cares about the environment and health, and i’m beginning to find my place. i’ve also found a great church to connect with – bloom. as difficult as change is, i’m excited to see what will happen next!

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