occupy denver

i’ve been back in the states for over a month now and specifically in denver for 3 weeks. my heart is in norway, but i’m enjoying being close to the mountains and in a city full of people with interests in recycling and the outdoors (nerdy, i know). the extreme choices overwhelm me sometimes though – which cafe, which store, which brand (because there are always at least 5 brands to choose from – no matter what i’m looking for), all the people, all the excessiveness. i bought groceries the other day and used the self-checkout line. i really felt like a foreigner, especially when i left without collecting my change – $40. miracle upon miracles, someone turned it in and was there when i finally realized 2 hours later what i had done. yesterday i went to starbucks and while i was planning on sitting for a while to read, i was a little stressed by the music and all the loud people. i left my ipod touch on my chair and it was so kindly retrieved by someone else. it would have been much nicer of course, if that person would have actually turned it in. culture stress, you’re costing me money.


last night a group of us went to downtown denver to talk to people involved in Occupy Denver and it was pretty incredible to hear their stories. men who were choosing to be homeless, some who had lost their jobs and families, all hoping for change. most of them knew that protesting won’t change legislation, but at least it’s drawing attention. i felt their pain and their passion for justice and can only pray that they find hope.

i, too, will be occupying denver for a little while longer. the city awaits!


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