green acres

i hesitate to even write about this, but what i’m about to write might give you a good glimpse into life in the midwest.

i left a life in norway where the most wildlife i encountered was the occasional seagull or fly. in the past 3 weeks while at my parent’s house in kansas i have seen a total of 16 turkeys, 7 deer and 3 possums. my parents have several gardens and those gardens contain cantaloupe, cucumbers, chilies, peppers and tomatoes. we also have apple and pear trees, blackberry bushes and grapes. such goodness all in one place. but the aforementioned wildlife loves the taste of all those things which means we have picked a total of 3 apples and 1 pear this season because the deer have eaten the rest off the trees. 

we’ve had some amazing looking cantaloupe, but several mornings we have gone outside to pick them only to find them already half eaten. sigh. what a waste. friends set 2 live traps (meaning the traps wouldn’t kill the wildlife, only trap them) and there have been several surprises including…

not only is this little guy ugly, he was quite mean. the only way to insure this rodent didn’t eat anything else is to – you guessed it – kill it. my father grabbed one of his many guns from the house and a crazy notion came over me to dispose of the possum myself. (i still can’t believe i volunteered) as i took the gun, my dad hit the possum. he began hissing and growling and i began panicking, running around, screaming, wondering what would happen if the creature ran after me. more panic set in and my father began yelling back at me to stop running with the gun and just shoot it. oops, forgot i had that in my hand. i summoned all of my midwestern-ness, stopped, aimed and fired. i hit the possum in the lip. fail. he sat there stunned as i and my dad finished what i began.

what i wouldn’t give for seagulls instead.

  1. oh lyndee…. you never fail to give us a good story! i prefer seagulls too!

  2. That thing is nasty. Bah! I can just picture you running around w/ a shotgun. This also reminded me of some stories from when you girls lived in that old farmhouse in Ky.

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