the wheels on the bus go round and round.

mcdonalds in karlstadt, sweden.

i’m on the 3rd leg of my 7 leg journey back to the states. as i sat down in the bus leaving from skien, i began thinking of all the times i’ve left norway and come back on that exact bus, the countless times i’ve taken the bus to oslo to spend time with friends, how the bus has taken me to be with grieving friends and friends starting their studies. it’s taken me to concerts, weekend escapes and parties and back to skien after the bombing. all those memories came flooding back the moment i sat down today. this lifestyle i’ve chosen isn’t easy. there is a constant stream of hellos and goodbyes, choosing whom to invest in and build relationships with, knowing that sooner or later another goodbye is inevitable. today this lifestyle is tiring. it’s tiring because i’m blessed with pretty amazing friends and i’m yet once again leaving.

norway, we will meet again soon.

  1. sherry c. said:

    hi lyndee, have safe trip home. Aisling will help make it all better! we love you. aunt sherry, amanda and family.

  2. Janne said:

    Er så takknemlig for at du har investert i meg og vennskapet vårt! Det er helt spesielt:) Heldigvis kan vi si “vi ses!”.
    Så glad i deg, min gode venn!!!

    • lyndee said:

      ahh, janne. savner deg og tenker på deg ofte. jeg er takknemlig at du har investert i meg. jeg er ikke det samme som jeg var før jeg kom norge og du er en stor grunn til det. vi snakkes snart!

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