music monday: sufjan yet again

i think i write beyond a healthy amount about sufjan stevens. but seriously, after watching this video what sane person could stop themselves? he’s a genius on several levels. (one tumblr site is entitled: between hipsters and God there is sufjan stevens. perfect description.)

who is your favorite artist?

  1. Seriously Lyndee?! Stop taking the words/thoughts out of my head! Meaghan already thinks I have a man-crush on Sufjan, and you aren’t helping!

    I obviously agree with anything positive you say about Sufjan, but as much as I absolutely love his music, I just can’t quite bump him past The Beatles. It’s close, and maybe I should call it a tie, but I’m guessing no matter how many new or old awesome musicians I discover, the Fab Four will always be my fav..

    It’s close though. I really do love Sufjan.

    I better stop.

    • lyndee said:

      well, if you’re going to have a man-crush, sufjan is certainly the way to go. 🙂 you have great taste!

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