take a look, it’s in a book.

technically, this should be “music monday” but i’ve been quite fascinated by several books lately so i thought i’d throw in a little something extra.

i’ve always loved to read. in elementary school, my idea of playing outside was to take a book and sit on the front porch steps. i even stole $2 from my parents to buy the latest “babysitter’s club” book. my punishment? no buying books for 2 months. i was a self-proclaimed nerd. “the babysitter’s club” aside, i love how books have a way of offering escape, expanding our worldview and imaginations – whether it be dr. seuss, chaim potok,  c.s. lewis or dostoevsky.

my literature world has expanded, but i don’t consider myself above reading a book from the young adult section. i’ve read pretty much read every english book i can get my hands on at the library, so i’ve begun ordering books from other libraries. the latest treasure: “The Hunger Games” trilogy by Suzanne Collins. love. it. the books grapple age-old subjects such as the worth and quality of life, love and war. there are reviews and plot lines of the books all over the internet, so i won’t add to the clutter.

but if you’re looking for an easy read full of action and imagination, “the hunger games” trilogy is worth a shot. 

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  1. Trevor said:

    the hunger games were good. i’m looking forward to seeing what the movies will look like. jennifer lawrence (a really good young actress, who received an oscar nomination for a indie film called ‘winter’s bone’, set in the ozark mountains.) is playing Katniss.
    but if you’re willing to slum around in the young adult fiction, here are a two recommendations:

    – thirteen reasons why by jay asher
    this book has received a lot of critical praise and lately i’ve been hearing from more and more readers. i read it when it came out in 2007, randomly picking it off a shelf at target. synopsis: a young girl leaves behind 13 cassette tapes explaining why she killed herself. the book is through the eyes (and ears) of a boy, who really liked her, as he listens to each cassette. there is a website, http://www.thirteenreasonswhy.com/book.php, where fans have gathered to share their responses to this book.

    – looking for alaska by john green
    – an abundance of katherines by john green
    – paper towns by john green
    – will grayson, will grayson by john green
    i won’t lie; i’m a big fan of this guy john green. besides his writings, he and his brother have a great youtube channel called ‘vlogbrothers’ and a gang of followers called ‘nerdfighters’ whom they remind to ‘don’t forget to be awesome’. they also have a chat room they call ‘in your pants’ so they can discuss things like politics or the actress Helen Hunt ‘in your pants’. juvenile: yes. awesome: absolutely!
    back to his books. honestly i think they are brilliant. i wouldn’t mind trying to get my seniors to read ‘paper towns’ as it highlights the tension of leaving high school and establishing your values and ideas outside the context of the popularity contest in classrooms or the struggles of home life.
    looking for alaska is about discovering life and dealing with death. maybe, a little ‘dead poets society’ but built more from green’s own personal experiences at boarding school.
    will grayson, will grayson is a little agenda driven, but i still think it’s worth the read. i’ll let your opinions and politics decide for you.
    seriously. i just recommend his books. if you don’t like them, i’ll buy back the books, or if you borrow them from the library, i’ll have to compensate for the time it took to read them.
    as a dyslexic i’m a really slow reader, but i finished these off really quick.
    john green’s new book, ‘the fault in our stars’ is soon to be released, and he is personally signing every preordered copy.

    happy reading.

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