everything was right in the world.

norway has responded to 22.07 with incredible strength and unity, slow to hate or take revenge. what a great example for other countries to follow.

18.00 on monday night, cities around norway held parades of roses and lights to honor the victims and those affected by the attacks. our little town of skien has around 50,000 inhabitants and the newspapers have said that around 50,000 people came to take part in the parade. it was an incredible sight to see.

after watching the news non-stop, checking websites and hearing talk (not to mention thinking) about everything, a break from reality was needed. what better place to find it than at the movies? during “midnight in paris” everything was right in the world. if you’re a lover of literature or art, i highly suggest this movie. pure escape to a simpler time, yet proving that the present is the best place to be – no matter what the circumstances.


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