i heart osloimage

after being in bergen, i flew into oslo to spend a few days with friends and decided to brave the summer rain this morning and go for a walk.

i found myself a little over 200 meters away from the bomb that shook norway.

i was at the counter of zara on karl johan when a loud explosion shook the building and the sound of breaking glass echoed across the street. fire alarms rang and everyone evacuated the surrounding buildings. i’m not even sure i paid for my pants. no one knew what was going on, so we wandered around, searching for the cause of smoke that lingered in the air. as i neared the government offices, i called the friend i was visiting and began noticing blood on the pavement. looking around, every window was blown and people were laying on the road. before we knew it the police were yelling for us to turn around. we panicked and began running, dodging each other and the glass, not knowing what we were running from or running to. an older thai woman stopped and asked me what had just happened – i had no idea. her friend was hurt in the blast and she simply needed someone to talk to while the shock wore off. after she calmed down, i wandered the streets, trying to find my way back. in a city where people usually avoid each other, people were stopping each other, asking if they were okay or needed anything.

the rest of the day was spent with friends, staring at the internet, wondering how people can be so full of hate and again, how quickly life changes. how sad that innocent lives were taken and that norway will never be the same again.

the city is quiet tonight.

  1. Hild Mari said:

    You were there.. I was thinking; thank God no one I know is there….. I’m SO thankful you’re ok….

    See you soon..

  2. Good to see that you’re ok.
    It all makes even me sad….

    …..It’s ironic. For years, international terrorists have threatened us, and when it happens it turns out to be one of our own.

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