too much light to deny.

i don’t think i can (nor do i want to try) to explain what these last 2 weeks have been like. a dear friend passed away, leaving family and friends to mourn in ways we never felt possible. her funeral was friday and now we are left to deal with our grief in whatever ways it comes. today i dealt with it by doing something kjersti loved: be in nature. in my rucksack i packed an umbrella, water and a plastic box for holding berries, charged my ipod and headed out. i walked with no agenda other than looking for beauty, remembering her. it’s a little early for berries in this part of norway, but i managed to find 2 small raspberries and a handful of blueberries. i took pictures of trees and clouds and bushes, muddied my feet, picked flowers and thanked God for His creativity in nature and for the gift of relationship.

kjersti, you brought beauty and joy into a darkened world. du er savnet.

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  1. lise said:

    tenker på deg lyndee. er så gla i deg.

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