music monday: 8tracks

A Hop, Skip, and a Jump Through Town

so, i think i’m about to switch over to blogger again. wordpress makes it very difficult to embed media. hmm, any pros/cons for wordpress or blogger?

i recently discovered a great website filled with playlists for everything possible. sign-up is free and has unlimited listening and playlist making, which is great considering pandora,, and spotify are either unusable in norway or have limited listening minutes per month. so, check out 8tracks. the link above is perfect for a lazy summer day.

happy summer listening!


  1. Cool music site. Just spent the morning listening to Bon Iver’s new album. I really enjoyed most of it (although his music isn’t exactly summery). Probably going to get the new Coldplay EP today too. I might ruin all my indie/hipster music cred by loving Coldplay, but I really do!

    I’ve used both blogger and wordpress, and although blogger has more widgets and ways to personalize, I like wordpress a bit better. Just think it’s cleaner/less distracting, and I like the dashboard page on wordpress a lot more than blogger’s. I’ve never had a problem posting media either, but maybe we’re not posting the same thing?

    • lyndee said:

      there’s no problem in loading up videos from youtube, but if i want to add playlists it’s almost impossible. i think i have to own my own wordpress domain to do that. if you find something out contrary to that, please let me know! and congratulations with your new job!

  2. Thanks! I’m super excited about the job, and we’re both super excited to be moving back to WA.

    What do/did you use to post playlists? I’ve used on both blogger and wordpress and not had any problems. On blogger I had it as a sidebar widget, but on wordpress I’ve only used it in a post. Might be worth a try if you haven’t used it.

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