music monday: eddie vedder

in an attempt to stay on top of blogging, i’ve added another weekly feature: music mondays! i love music and two of my favorite places to look for music are pitchfork and npr. npr offers free previews of new albums weekly and this past week i discovered eddie vedder’s “ukulele songs.” i’ve enjoyed eddie vedder since high school – my best friend loved pearl jam and i thought he was so cool that i liked them too. i re-discovered mr. vedder when “into the wild” came out, to which he created an incredible tapestry of music. “ukulele songs” is stripped down and melodic compared to his work with pearl jam. on this album he sings together with the likes of glen hansard (one of my favorites!) and cat power – incredible duets, and the last track, “dream a little dream” is very reminiscent of tom waits. i highly recommend not just listening to, but buying this album.

  1. Matt said:

    Very cool. I look forward to more posts about music. I think our tastes are pretty similar (I love pitchfork and npr music.). I’ve held off blogging more about music because I don’t think my friends and family find it interesting, but if you’re going to read it maybe I’ll post some too!

    • lyndee said:

      please do! i can always use a little inspiration for music.
      any news about the fall?

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