fe fi fo fum

if you read my roommate’s blog, you know she recently bought an amazing little apartment in the center of town. i’m so very happy for her, but that means our time living together is quickly coming to an end, as in – next weekend. so we’ve decided to make this last weekend together memorable. the only question was “how?” we’ve mulled over the idea of a “felicity” marathon, flea market shopping, laying the sun, but tonight we began the weekend with a total splurge: pizza from pizzabakeren and 3 rented movies. unheard of in this household! the choice of movie tonight: “Trolljegeren.” (The Troll Hunter) 

i loved this movie! the fantastic part is that it is norwegian to the core. not a bad way to begin the our roommate weekend. now it’s off to bed to get up early for flea market finds!


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