gym rat.

do you have those places that the moment you see them your mind begins conjuring up memories (good or bad) and you’re flooded with nostalgia? to this day, i still get excited driving to my grandmother’s house. she lives in southern indiana and there is a place just 5 minutes from her house where the trees are so thick on either side of the road that you can barely see daylight. it’s beautiful. as i would drive from kansas to my home in louisville, there was a bend on I-64 right as i was about to leave indiana with an amazing view of the skyline. i love it to this day. speaking of feelings and memories, i get sick with just the thought of summer camp and the drive to my old college. seriously, it makes me nauseous. but there is one place i love simply because of what it represents. are you ready?

i spent 5 days a week for almost an entire year at the gym. you might think that’s impressive, but is it still impressive when i tell you my main motivation was the cute gym-boy who just happened to work out the same time i did, every day? i thought so. best motivation ever. 
anyway, this gym was my escape the year i moved back to kansas. i didn’t feel i had many options when i was forced to move back to the states, so i moved in with my parents. small town, few friends, not much to do. so i worked out and watched cute gym-boy in the process. every time i go back to kansas, i get a bit nostalgic because it was at the gym i met new people, made friends, and did things i never would have thought to do before (like wear spandex and take step classes). 

i’ve been thinking a lot about the gym for one simple reason: i’m moving. i know where i’m going and what i’ll be doing and i am scared out of my mind. i’m starting a totally new life in a totally new place with strangers. and all i can think of is the gym. i don’t think about starbucks or cheap clothing or how great it will be not to be a foreigner. i think about the gym – i’m praying that God provides a place for me to meet new people, live a healthy life in every aspect and just be me. and if cute gym-boy happens to show up, well, that’s just a bonus.


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