the day i made sufjan stevens chuckle.

photo by jordan sanchez

not everyone can say they’ve made sufjan stevens chuckle. but i have. if you know me well, you’ve heard about my run-in with sufjan a couple of years ago. it wasn’t pretty. but when i bought a ticket to his show last weekend in oslo, i truly thought my time of redemption was near. fate proved otherwise.

the whole day leading up to the concert was perfect. it’s springtime here and there is something special about springtime in oslo. i had coffee with a friend, grilled out in the park and afterwards we made our way to the theatre.

the concert was amazing. i went with great friends, had near-perfect seats and have never wanted be a back-up dancer so badly in my life. seriously, i can do a cart-wheel and move my arms back and forth. and i can wear neon.
pick me, sufjan!
anyway, we were all kind of on a high after the show and couldn’t stop talking about how outrageous it was. after grabbing something to eat we all parted ways. my friend karen (who made the first meeting with sufjan happen and is now officially my hero), kristian and i began making our way back  home and as we passed the theatre, karen screams “SUFJAN!” she begins racing down the walkway and i freeze. miracles upon miracles, he is outside the theatre. i slowly make my way over to the tour busses where karen has him cornered and my time of redemption has come. 

k: we loved the show. (i’m just making the dialogue up because i was beginning to panic by this time)
s: (looking really tired): thanks! we enjoyed playing tonight.
k, k and me: all clamoring to say something, waving goodbye.
sufjan waves goodbye and tells us thanks for coming
(my moment has come)
me: (trying my best to say something, anything. be memorable!) enjoy!
sufjan looks at me, chuckles and says thanks and goodbye.
end scene

we walk away and i began thinking, “wow, i met sufjan… again!” that thought quickly moved into, “i didn’t even form a complete sentence. enjoy? enjoy what?! enjoy me? enjoy your evening? enjoy the tour?”

i seriously wanted to say “enjoy your time in norway,” but all that came out was “enjoy.”

but i made him chuckle. and i enjoyed it.

  1. Stacey said:

    “Take luck!!”

  2. Jeanie James said:

    You kill me, child!

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