jumping on the bandwagon

i spent the first half of the day irritated at “christians” on facebook with their “God bless America” rants and the second half reading status updates that included scripture like ”As surely as I live, declares the Almighty Lord, I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked. Rather do I wish that they should turn from their ways and live…” Ezekiel 33:11. i lean much toward the latter side when it comes to the death of bin laden. i was in the states during 9/11 and all that followed. i know the feelings that surround the attack and don’t wish to belittle anyone’s experience or heartache concerning that. it was a horrible time in american history. but one person? one person is not the cause of all evil and his death will in no way redeem what has happened. the cycle has in no way been broken. i can’t help but wonder about the innocent lives taken in order to find bin laden. what about their families and their grief? as americans, are we more justified or called to take this on ourselves? be the ones to make wrongs right? to see the injustices in the world and be so focused on one man – it’s sad. the smugness of it all.

i can’t wait for heaven.

  1. Kevin Looper said:

    Thank you for so clearly putting my thoughts into words!

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