you say it’s your birthday.


my birthday is quickly approaching. can i just say that i don’t enjoy my birthday? it’s true. i believe i have cried every birthday since turning 22. i don’t like acknowledging it, celebrating it, and especially not planning my own party. i’ve come to this realization for 2 reasons:
1. i don’t like getting older. (i’m fighting with all i have and all money can buy)
2. i really don’t enjoy being the center of attention. (all those people watching me open presents, wanting to show people how grateful i am, but not knowing how, etc, etc)

but this year i will celebrate it by throwing a birthday barbeque with a friend/co-worker who shares the same birthday. to acknowledge my birthday here is my birthday wish list.

birthday wish list
(in no specific order and by no means all-inclusive)

fjällräven kånken daypack in green
music by: united pursuit band, the avett brothers, the innocence mission
photoshop cs5
nikon d60 camera
zara and h&m gift cards
intelligentsia house blend coffee beans
pukka harmonise tea
mary blair illustrated little golden books
time spent with good friends
 more than anything else, that’s what i really want. whether it’s traveling,        shopping together, drinking coffee, watching a movie, or just sitting around  talking – time spent with friends pretty much takes the cake, don’t you think?

1 comment
  1. Jeanie James said:

    Hey! We’re just glad you were born. You have given us so many smiles (not to mention a few wrinkles). We hope your birthday is delightful.
    Mom and Dad

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