church and community?

(only in norwegian. this is a promo video for the church i attend, ARENA.)

i love my church. i love that i have the opportunity to serve there in really practical ways, that there is a place where i can meet new people and be challenged in my understanding of God. being a “missionary,” life can quickly become over-spiritualized and odd as it sounds, church is the place where i can just come and be me.

i went through a “church free” stage several years ago after graduating from Bible college. ironically enough (or not), i was fed up with the theories and politics of church after studying it for four years. i love that ARENA is all about community and people. i especially appreciate that as a foreigner. church is the last place anyone should feel alienated, but it happens all too often. i love that the church is growing, people are being saved, that Jesus is visible there. i especially appreciate God using church to heal my disappointments and frustrations with “church.” He’s pretty creative like that.

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  1. That’s funny, I went through a similar season in my life after Bible College. I was ready to just live life and not spiritually analyze…everything. And I’m now transplanted here in Bellingham with an amazing down to earth church community that is not unlike ARENA 🙂

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