a sign that we are seen.

the last window on the right is the one room home of a woman in latvia. together with a danish man and a dutch and latvian girl, we brought a bag of staple food items to this home. this woman was the only person living in the seemingly abandoned building in the middle-of-nowhere-latvia. as her daughter opened the door and we explained our purpose for being there, she burst into tears. “God sends His children when we need them” she cried. her daughter, hardened by years of poverty and difficulty kept asking, “why are you crying?” but the woman’s response never wavered, “these are tears of joy. God sees us.” mobility issues kept her in her room, leaving her daughter to take care of the household. as we sat on her saggy bed and prayed for her, i had so many questions for God. it seems so unfair that i have the means to travel freely, heat in the winter and more than enough clothing and food while such a large percentage of the world lacks education, clean water, and like this woman –  even a pair of pants to wear around the house. i don’t have the answers and that frustrates me. what floored me though was the faith this woman had – she knew that God saw her. isn’t that what we all need? a sign that we are seen.

a sign that she was not forgotten.


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