but for you who fear my name

winter break is upon us here. snow, snow, and more snow and school is out. kids are out sledding, families spending the week at their cabins, eating kvikk lunsj and oranges, snowboarding and skiing. i, on the other hand, am working. but that means that there are several others here in ywam skien who are also working. this morning we had a little acoustic worship set together and sang one of my most favorite songs, which comes from my favorite verse – malachi 4.2.

but for you who fear my name
lenny smith (performed by the welcome wagon)

But for you who fear my name
the Sun of Righteousness will rise
with healing in his wings
And you shall go forth again
and skip about like calves
coming from their stalls at last

You shall be my very own
on the day that I
cause you to be my special home
I shall spare you as a man
has compassion on his son
who does the best he can

this verse is filled with such hope and joy! israel, who has been rebellious and disobedient and because of that has heaped hardship on herself is told that there is hope if she chooses Jesus. when He comes He will bring light and healing. i love the image of calves being released from the stall – ready to burst out of confinement and into freedom.

makes me feel pretty happy… even if i don’t have winter break.

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